HMS Housekeepers is a Singapore based cleaning agency focused on offering Sincere Service through their Honest and Meticulous cleaners. At our agency, we know that our service offers our clients more than a clean office or home, we offer a peace of mind and respite from work at home after work at office.

HMS Housekeepers considers themselves a truly local company as it is based in Singapore and hires our team under strict policies which include having a permanent address in Singapore. This offers all parties a sense of commitment and security should a need arise.

Our Values:

  • Honest – A home is a personal space and an office might be a private space. The character trait of Honesty is paramount and central to our business. Our clients only open their inner space to someone they can trust, and people should trust only the Honest.

  • Meticulous – Doing our job is not good enough for us, we seek to do a job so good that our best clients will refer business to us. And we believe that a good job in cleaning is a careful and meticulous one. Each corner must be attended to, high or low, that is our promise.

  • Sincere – When a job is done out of gratitude, it is done genuinely. This is our strongest differentiator. Our team understands that giving our clients a sanctuary to come home to does wonders for their state of mind. It is an opportunity both for them to make a living as well as for our clients to experience a peace of mind, and they are grateful and sincere for it.

Uplifting Women, Creating Opportunities:

Circumstances often limit opportunity for many of us, and it was with this thought in mind when our founders decided to attract employees who are grateful for opportunities to HMS.

Our belief is in creating employment opportunities for Honest, Meticulous and Sincere ladies who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to be uplifted by honest work to achieve gainful employment.

Such honest work serve as supplements for their family’s income as well as strengthen their self-worth as they area able to generate their own income.

Our Clients: