Exclusive Mother's Day Offer:

💐 Customizable Cleaning Packages: Tailor the cleaning service to match Mom’s preferences.
Limited time offer 25 and 27 Apr 2024: 4 hours @ $98 only

🌷 Mom’s Day Off Deluxe Clean: Treat Mom to a luxurious break by letting us handle the cleaning from top to bottom. Our expert team will leave her home sparkling and smelling fresh.
– Complimentary: A fragrant bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day for Deep Cleaning packages above $300

💌 Gift that lasts a whole year: Send Mom a gift certificate for our team to upkeep her house every week so that she can rest and relax whole year round only $100 / 4 hours
– Complimentary: A fragrant bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day
Limited time offer: Gift certificate purchase by 10 May 2024

Trust & Reliability

Founded in 2005, our company has been keeping our clients’ spaces and sanity in check and in order.

Peace of Mind

Our services and staff are insured so that both clients and cleaners can work with a peace of mind, every time.

Local Team

Founded by Singaporeans, we believe in Singapore. Our staff are permanently based in Singapore meaning accountability and security.

“We have enjoyed a very good working relationship for many years with HMS and have always found them to be responsible in all aspects of cleaning. They have always maintained a high level of dedication and professionalism and it is with no hesitation that i recommend them to anyone.”
Interior Designer